Lissa Kreisler’s voice can stop you in your tracks and make you say to yourself, “I know that voice!” We have been hearing Lissa on the radio for years and she has a voice that you will always recognize. However, Lissa’s voice goes beyond the radio and into the communities. Her community outreach and awards speak volumes to her involvement and passion for the Bay Area. Lissa is known to many as “The Oprah of Silicon Valley” because she cares and does so much for us.

Although we have worked with Lissa for years, our friendship was instant when we first met her. It is clear to see that Lissa is a genuine and caring person as well as a dedicated professional. We love having Lissa at our events whether she is speaking or simply attending and enjoying time with us and our our clients. We consider Lissa to be an integral part of firm family.

The warm feeling Lissa gives is something you want to experience. With a heart of gold and wonderful outlook on life, we are happy to not only call Lissa a peer but also a friend.

Brieanna Mason

Director of Operations, Regent Wealth Management

I’ve been producing the South Bay’s Unique Lives and Experiences lecture series since 1995. I’ve had many moderators of the show, however, Lissa Kreisler will moderate three of the shows in 2017 and if she is as sharp and funny as she was on Monday evening, interviewing Cindy Williams, my audience is in for a special 12th season. Thank you Lissa for agreeing to be this year’s moderator, Monday night was fantastic and many of the audience members said Lissa was the best moderator in 12 years.

Chris Di Salvo

Associate Producer, Unique Lives & Experiences

What an amazing MC! Lissa was the MC for our annual Garden Party Gala and did an incredible job. She is professional, funny, articulate and able to really engage the audience. And a delight to work with! I highly recommend Lissa for whatever function your organization is organizing.

Rob Tufel

Executive Director, Cancer CAREpoint

As the former Chief Development Officer of the YWCA Silicon Valley, I relied heavily on the voice of Lissa Kreisler to inform the community both in how to receive support from our various programs as well as how to invest in them. Lissa provided ample opportunities to be interviewed to educate the community about sexual assault and domestic violence and how to receive necessary assistance. She worked to remove the stigma of both issues opening up opportunities for survivors to seek assistance.

Lissa was also instrumental in providing information and personally supporting our fundraising efforts. Lissa regularly attended our Annual Walk-A-Mile event, bringing attention to sexual assault. More importantly, Lissa’s voice is recognized and respected throughout the larger bay area community. Lending her voice not only allowed for air play time, but gave credence to our efforts. I highly recommend Lissa Kreisler to any non-profit seeking to advance their efforts within the community.

Kelly Ramirez

Former Development Director, YWCA

Lissa Kreisler is a legend. She changed the world of local radio forever. Her talent is huge and the voice unforgettable. On top of everything she has accomplished, Lissa continues to touch the lives of so many people in need through her role as the “Emcee Queen” at countless non-profit events throughout the Bay Area. With style, grace, humor and a super engaging personality, she shares the stories of everyday generosity and inspires millions in donations. Lissa makes things happen.

Ken Toren

Non-Profit Executive

Do you have any idea how fun it is to work with Lissa Kreisler, both on and off stage? You may have experienced her emcee skills as an audience member and you know how she lights up a crowd and makes everyone feel like a personal friend. How she masterfully transitions the event from socializing to the serious business of writing a check for the cause we are all dressed up for. She makes it look easy, but there’s more to it than that. I think she’s a go -to favorite because she’s great to work with off stage, too!

She knows how to ask, because she does her homework. As an organization leader and event organizer, I have the pleasure of experiencing and knowing that event preparation is not just a check list for her. She genuinely loves getting to know about organizations and can effectively use her many years of “on mic” talent to do that job that the rest of us find quite difficult. Connect the audience to our mission, build the momentum, and close it by making everyone feel a part of a solution, not just a check book.

Heather Lerner

Executive Director, Happy Hollow Foundation

Lissa’s incredibly professional style and infectious personality created a bond with her listeners over the years, because they knew she is permanently the real deal. Integrity abounds. That listener loyalty truly created a winning condition for us with tons of ROI over the years. After doing such a fantastic service for our company, I just had to show my appreciation by spreading the word about Lissa.

On top of it all, she is one of my all-time favorite people and is such a giving person! She is always out there in the community doing good things. She truly inspires me to be better and that is the truth!

I highly recommend and encourage you to work with Lissa if you ever have the chance and if you want to hear more from me – don’t hesitate to contact me.

Cindy Faulkner

President, Valley Heating, Cooling, Electrical, and Solar

My relationship with Lissa Kreisler extends over many decades. Her strong desire to support our community brought a high level of professionalism as she worked diligently to ensure success for the numerous community organizations she supported. Lissa is one of the most dedicated and ethical activists in our community.

Lissa is a true professional in all assignments who knows her audience and how to best reach them. Her ethics ensure confidentially and allow for open and honest dialogue. I highly recommend Lissa as a mentor or spokesperson for any for-profit or not-for-profit organization. She will be instrumental in leading your organization to its next level.

Keri Procunier McLain


Over the years, I’ve enjoyed working with Lissa Kreisler for the same reason that radio fans enjoy listening to her: She really cares about people and can communicate that better with her voice than anyone I know. Lissa has a way of making you feel like a longtime friend even if you’ve just met. And the best part about it is that it’s not an act — it’s all her. Her strong roots in the San Jose community and her seemingly endless enthusiasm have made her a valuable person to know in my business and a great friend to have on your side. Whether I’m covering an event in Silicon Valley or attending one as a supporter, I’m always reassured when I know that Lissa’s involved.

Sal Pizarro

Around Town Columnist, San Jose Mercury News

Lissa has been an on-air endorser for many of my clients and each of them loves the professional, yet personable voice she gives to their commercials. She is a brilliant voice talent who can whip out a commercial in one take almost every time. She also has a great ability to make important suggestions and always puts her own special take on the creative so each read sounds unique. Lissa is one of the strongest endorsement talents in the Bay Area.

Elaine Sullivan

Owner, SullivanWorks

I have known Lissa for over twenty five years. Lissa has been an active member in our Community for decades. Lissa’s personality, compassion, conscience and competence is an asset to any charitable organization that hires her to raise funds. Lissa is driven to reach or surpass any goal you give her to accomplish. Lissa is organized, focused and compassionate about all the needs in our community from education, mental and physical health, the needy and homeless. Lissa is there for the arts and music. If you hire Lissa she will reward you with success.

Helen Owen


Lissa Kreisler is a consummate professional and delivers passionate, heartfelt messages to attendees of your events. Lissa was recently the emcee at a charity dinner event for a local nonprofit that I work with and helped us raise the most money ever during our fund-a-need campaign. She is a highly effective communicator and draws upon decades of local knowledge and experience to make your event a class act.

Jason Noriega

Chairman of the Board, Momentum for Mental Health

Lissa Kreisler has been an outstanding endorser for my practice – Furlong Vision Correction – and for me. Her execution is flawless and always sounds like she is speaking directly to the consumer on our behalf. Her delivery gives our commercials a unique and personal feel that is so believable. Both she and her daughter, Christina, are LASIK alumni patients of ours and many of her comments come from that personal experience. We have also recorded commercials together and each time, she is in a great, lighthearted mood and makes it really fun to record with her. We have heard many times that a patient heard about us from Lissa – and we love that.

Michael Furlong

M.D., Furlong Vision Correction

Bubbly and humble are the words that come to mind when I think of Lissa! Just ask anyone who’s been around her, Lissa’s personality is infectiously bubbly. She could be talking about watching paint dry and you’d be anxious to hear what’s next. Her quick wit and humor, lend to perfectly-timed, good, clean entertainment.

Recently Lissa emceed the State of the County Address where she warmed up the audience for my approximately hour long speech, which is not an easy feat. Her ability to move a crowd coupled with her bubbliness truly creates a light in any room she occupies. Over the years, Lissa has generously contributed her talents to local chartable efforts, including “All the Way Home,” our homeless veterans campaign. Thank you Lissa for everything you’ve done and continue to do to support our community.

Dave Cortese

President, Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors

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